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From Army to Medical Sales Offer in 3 Months

Hear how Zach transitioned from the Iowa Army National Guard to a Robotic-Assisted Surgery Sales Rep within 3 Months of starting the All-In Course.

Praise From Students Who Implemented Our Advice

We’ve helped many aspiring sales professionals using the techniques presented in this course. As evidence of how powerful the techniques are — and how you can apply them — below are some quotes taken from the students we’ve helped.

Step-By-Step System Designed to Land You In Medical Sales

The Breaking Into Device® All-In Course is designed to expose how successful candidates break into medical sales. Our experienced team lays out step-by-step videos on how to best sell yourself in the recruiting process, pointing out common pitfalls and veteran tips along the way.


Medical Device Overview

Industry Overview

The goal of this lesson is to help you understand the Medical Device industry trends, go-to market process, pricing models, healthcare landscape, and key stakeholders. Understanding the industry landscape prepares you to converse knowledgeably with key stakeholders and demonstrate outstanding competence in the interview process, ultimately setting you apart from the hundreds of other candidates vying for the job.

29 minutes

18 slides



Medical Device Overview

Medical Sales Deep-Dive

We'll explore the intricacies of medical device sales in more detail. We'll look at how medical devices are classified (Capital Equipment, Implants, Disposables), medical device distributorships, Associate to Sales Representative role progression, number of hours worked, day-to-day activities, and various types of compensation structures.

26 minutes

19 slides


Determine Your Path

Medical Specialties

In this section we take a deep dive into each of the medical device specialties. Learn the market size, annual growth rate, competing medical device companies, conditions and treatments, product breakdown, and additional resources for each speciality.

TOPICS: Trauma and Extremities, Spine, Sports Medicine, Joint Reconstruction and Replacement, Craniomaxillofacial, Cardiovascular, Urology, Neurosurgical, Neurovascular, Endoscopy, Ear, Nose, and Throat

1 hour 33 minutes

18 slides

11 PDFs


Landing the Interview

Mastering "Why?"

We work on crafting an unbeaten response to the most asked interview question, understanding the Winning "Why?" Framework, reviewing anticipated counter questions, and identifying your core principles.

We'll work through 9 examples that candidates have used successfully in interviews. We'll share the formula to develop your own winning response.

20 minutes

26 slides

1 Download


Landing the Interview

Resume Bootcamp

We go into step-by-step detail on how to position your resume for medical device sales. Apply these trade secrets to significantly increase the chances of passing the resume screen.

We'll share examples of successful resumes from candidates who now work at Stryker, DePuy Synthes, and other top companies.

26 minutes

25 slides


Landing the Interview

LinkedIn Best Practices

We'll walk you through how to best position your LinkedIn profile to attract medical device sales Recruiters.

We'll run through the checks to ensure that your profile is searchable by recruiters.

12 minutes

23 slides


Landing the Interview

Strategic Networking

Use our Goal Setting and Tracking template to methodically network your way to an interview. We go through how to effectively connect with key stakeholders, identify job postings, and map out your networking strategy.

Email templates and scripts you can copy and paste are shared.

18 minutes

19 slides

5 Email Scripts


Interview Intensive

Interview Breakdown

An overview of each phase of the interview including: format, duration, what to expect, how to prepare, and questions to ask. We also strategize how to "close" your interviewer at each stage of the interview. We also provide tips on how to tackle the Gallup Personality Test and the Hogan Personality Inventory, complete with example questions.

28 minutes

33 slides



8 Email Scripts


Interview Intensive

Top Interview Questions

We review the top 10 interview questions asked during the medical device sales interview. We examine the true intent behind each question, what the interviewer is looking to confirm, frequent pitfalls, and winning answer examples.

Use the methodical structure we provide to map out your own highly effective interview responses.

34 minutes

31 slides



Interview Intensive

Case Interview

We dissect the Case Studies commonly issued during the interview process and apply proven frameworks on how to tackle the cases.

We go step-by-step through two example case studies and provide you the tools to consistently crack the case, outlining common pitfalls along the way.

49 minutes

45 slides

2 PPTs

1 Email Script


Interview Intensive

30-60-90 Day Plan

We review how to format your 30-60-90 Day Plan. We break down each section and provide you will bullet point actions to include in your plan. These bullet points were written by current representatives who understand the nuisances of an excellent plan.

Email templates, a 30-60-90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template, and a 30-60-90 Day Plan Word Template are also provided.

10 minutes

14 slides


1 Download