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Top 50 Medical Device Sales Interview Questions

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Our Top 50 Medical Device Sales Interview Questions Guide contains interview questions for Sales Representative, Associate Sales Representative, or equivalent roles at Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer Biomet, Smith & Nephew, NuVasive, Coloplast, Intuitive, and other highly competitive medical device companies.

We surveyed current sales representatives as well as analyzed the frequency of questions asked on review boards, such as Glassdoor, to compile this comprehensive list.

This guide provides everything you need to:

  1. Review the fundamentals of answering an interview question
  2. Understand the types of questions asked during the interview process
  3. Decipher the interviewer’s underlying intent of the question, pitfalls to avoid, and example responses vetted by seasoned device sales representatives

Download the Top 50 Medical Device Sales Interview Questions Guide now for free to get started.

75% of Failed Interviews Are Due to Lack of Preparation

According to Breaking Into Device Survey Data


How do you gain a customer’s loyalty? Tell me a time when you gained customer loyalty.

True Meaning
Tell me about your approach to selling.

Interviewer Looking to Confirm
• You are aware of your selling style
• You approach the sales process with a highly-disciplined, well thought out approach
• You invest in your professional development and you learn beyond the job

• Not providing a framework or structure around your sales process
• Not demonstrating that you go to lengths that your competitors do not go to to close the deal

Winning Example
There are three things that I typically do to gain a customer’s loyalty:

1. I provide my customer with a unique perspective on the market
2. I help them avoid potential pitfalls, and
3. I provide ongoing consultation

For example, while at [Company Name], I received a lead for a company in the Food and Beverage industry. I performed extensive research on the industry —​ compiled these key findings, such as high growth opportunities and options to cut costs, into a succinct presentation that I shared with our prospect early on in the sales process. They were surprised at how much they learned about their own business during our conversation. Furthermore, I shared common pitfalls competitors in the industry often face when implementing our product and actions other companies have taken to mitigate these risks. I continued to share valuable industry insights with the prospect over the entirety of the sales process.

Not only did we close the deal, but I proved a trusted business partner and an advisor. To this day, that customer still comes to me with questions on new opportunities, costs reduction, and risk mitigation techniques ​—​ even if the problem does not directly relate to our product. I have found this method to be a reliable way to gain loyalty early on.