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Medical Device Sales Resume: The Ultimate Guide with Examples

7 min read

Medical Device Sales Resume: The Ultimate Guide with Examples

Each year, tens of thousands of hopeful candidates submit applications to medical device sales roles — often vying for a single position. The unfortunate reality is that over 75% of the candidates get eliminated in the resume screen.

Chances are you already have a resume. But, how do you tailor it specifically for medical device sales?

Positioning your resume for medical device sales is incredibly different than other sales positions you may have applied for. If you submit the same resume for a medical device sales role as you do a SaaS sales role, you most likely will be outcompeted. Let's go through the basic resume tips and formatting that you should be aware of. Along the way, we'll review a resume* that landed interviews at top firms like Stryker, DePuy Synthes, and Arthrex.

* The names, dates, university, and employer may have been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

Part I: What do top medical device sales companies look for?

It is difficult to craft a resume that stands out if you do not understand what characteristics screeners look for.

A common misconception about medical device sales is that you need medical device sales experience to apply. While it certainly does help, our data suggests otherwise. We analyzed 500+ Associate Sales Representative profiles and concluded that the majority of people who landed these roles did not have any medical device sales experience before joining.

What type of experience did the Associates have? The vast majority had between 0 - 5 years of B2B sales experience, B2C sales experience, marketing experience, or clinical experience. Depending on the company, sales experience or prior work experience may not even be necessary (we break down these statistics in our Company Guides).

Successful candidates strategically highlight certain soft skills and hard skills on their resumes. In this section, we'll cover both skill sets so that you can tactically incorporate them into your resume.

Medical Device Sales Overview Guide_1

1.1 Soft Skills

  • Communication: this means that you have demonstrated experience in undergraduate or during your work experience effectively communicating with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Leadership: this means that you encourage others to take the actions they need to succeed.
  • Relationship Builder: this means that you are adept at forming meaningful relationships with your colleagues and customers.
  • Organization: this means that you are logical and organized throughout the sales cycle. You are detail-oriented.
  • Persistence: this means that you continue to pursue a lead even if it is challenging or time-consuming. You are determined to hit your goals.

1.2 Hard Skills

  • Prospecting: this means that you have experience prospecting for new business and work methodically through the sales process.
  • Sales Expansion: this means that you have a track record of sales 
  • Product Portfolio Analysis:  this means that you have the skills to effectively examine the market-fit of a product and craft a compelling value proposition.
  • Inventory Management: this means that you have a basic understanding of inventory management principles and contract billing.
  • Clinical Experience: this is not necessary to land a role in medical device sales; however, recruiters do like to see candidates with clinical experience.

Part II: Top 5 medical device resume tips

Medical Device Sales Overview Guide_2

Tip #1: Keep it to one page

Your resume should be limited to a single page. It can be difficult to pack all of your accomplishments into a single document. Be sure that you are only including relevant experiences that would lend themselves well to a career in device sales.

Tip #2: Eliminate fancy formatting

Ensure that each word must be in the same font, we recommend New Times Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Eliminate any fancy formatting or styling from your resume. Medical device sales recruiters prefer a traditional resume.

Tip #3: Use six sections

Most successful medical device sales resumes follow this format: Personal Information, Objective, Education, Relevant Experience, Relevant Certifications, if applicable, and Skills.

Tip #4: Quantify

You live or die by your numbers in sales. A bullet point not backed by numbers does not convincingly persuade the resume reviewer to choose you over another candidate. Highlight revenue growth or sales volume over a certain period of time to make a high-impact.

For example, instead of:

  • Increased market share for [Product #1] and [Product #2] portfolio in South Carolina in 2021.

Transition to:

  • Increased market share by 12% YoY for [Product #1] and [Product #2] portfolio in South Carolina in 2021, placing in the top 10% in market share growth for the division.

Tip #5: Tie back to the role

Ensure that each piece of content included on your resume can be used as an argument to support your candidacy for a role in medical device sales. If you include a sentence but cannot substantiate why that particular skill or story would be beneficial for the recruiter or hiring manager to know in the context of the role, remove the sentence.

Part III: Stryker Resume Sample

3.1 Personal Information

Medical Device Sales Overview Guide_3

Medical Device Sales Resume Name Sample

The personal information section should be the most straightforward part of your resume. Include your name, address, phone number, and email. Here are a few pointers:

  • Bold your name and increase the font size
  • Keep your email address professional
  • Since you are providing your phone number, ensure that you leave a professional voicemail on your phone prior to submitting your resume. Relatedly, ensure that your voice mailbox is not full.

3.2 Objective

Medical Device Sales Resume Objective

The objective section provides the reader a summary as to why you are pursuing the role. It should include where you have been (eg: current role, past experience) and which role you plan to pursue. You should also use it to highlight your sales metrics or other quantifiable achievements early on in your resume.

Our students have found tremendous success using the following template. Fill in the blue sections with the numbers by substituting one of the phrases listed in the table:

Medical Device Resume Step 1 [Noun/Adjective/Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 2 [Current Role] with Medical Device Sales Resume 3 [Years of Experience] and an exceptional record Medical Device Sales Resume 4 [Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 5 [Action] in the Medical Device Sales Resume 6 [Industry] industry. Demonstrated success Medical Device Sales Resume 7 [Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 8 [Relationship] with customers while consistently Medical Device Sales Resume 9 [Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 10 [Action] by Medical Device Sales Resume 11 [Multiple]. Seeking advancement to aMedical Device Sales Resume 12 [Role Vertical] device sales role to make a Medical Device Sales Resume 13 [Impact] while Medical Device Sales Resume 14 [Benefit to Company].

Medical Device Resume Step 1

Results driven
Growth oriented
Target driven
High performing

Medical Device Sales Resume 2

Sales Associate
Sales Representative
Marketing Associate
Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Medical Device Sales Resume 3

If <5, leave as text (eg: four)
If >5, use number form (eg: 7)

Medical Device Sales Resume 4


Medical Device Sales Resume 5

Profitable growth thru new business acquisition
Aggressive territory expansions resulting in multi-million dollar gains
Exceptional care to diverse patients in critical care

Medical Device Sales Resume 6

Consumer Products
Life Sciences

Medical Device Sales Resume 7


Medical Device Sales Resume 8

Strong relationships
Strategic partnerships

Medical Device Sales Resume 9


Medical Device Sales Resume 10

Revenue targets
Sales targets
EBITDA goals
Sales quota

 Medical Device Sales Resume 11


Medical Device Sales Resume 12

Copy from Job Description
Joint Replacement

Medical Device Sales Resume 13

Tangible impact on patients

Medical Device Sales Resume 14

Growing a territory
Advancing medical technology


Here is a completed objective statement tailored for medical device sales:

Growth oriented Sales Associate with two years of experience driving profitable growth thru new business acquisition in the Industrial Supplies industry. Demonstrated success establishing strategic partnerships with customers while consistently exceeding sales targets by 117%. Seeking advancement to a Cardiovascular device sales role to make a tangible impact on patients while growing a territory.

3.3 Education

Medical Device Sales Resume Education

The education section should be fairly simple. If you have more than 2 years of professional work experience, place the Education section below the Relevant Experience section. If you have more than 2 years of work experience, you want to highlight your work experience more so than your education.

Here is what you should focus on in this section:

  • Include the university you attended, your degree, your major and minor, location of the university, and dates attended
  • Include your GPA if > 3.0
  • Include any scholarships received or awards. Indicate the competitiveness of the award, if applicable. For example:
    • Dean's List
    • Latin Honors 
    • Herschel and Caryl Roman Undergraduate Science Scholarship (3 out of 100 awarded)
  • Optional: Include coursework and clubs relevant to medical device sales. For example:
    • Advanced Personal Selling and Negotiation
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology

3.4 Relevant Experience

Medical Device Sales Resume Professional Experience

The relevant experience section should list your relevant professional work experience from most recent to least recent. Focus on quantifying your most important achievements.

Below are some pointers:

  • Include Company Name, Job Title, Location, and Dates Worked
  • Include no more than 5 bullet points in this section per experience
  • Keep each line simple and quantifiable
  • For each sales-related bullet, include key metrics such as deal size, ranking, and % quota 

Each bullet point should tie back to one of the following themes:

  • Highlighting your sales numbers (eg: revenue, sales, EBIDTA)
  • Product and/or territory expansion
  • Customer acquisition and prospecting efforts
  • Development of customer relationships
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Inventory management

If you have a clinical background, consider including the following in your bullet points:

  • Knowledge of hospital, imaging center, urgent care, surgical center, etc.
  • Understanding of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), hospital billing and patient systems, etc.
  • Hands on patient care experience

Start each bullet point with an action phrase. Successful action phrases include "Performed at XX% to plan...", "Assessed customer needs to exceed key objectives...", and "Negotiated contractual agreements with X vendors...". 

50 Action Verbs to Use

Cared for


Spend the majority of your resume efforts framing the relevant experience section.

3.5 Relevant Certifications, if applicable

Relevant certifications should be included in your resume, if applicable, particularly if you have a clinical background. Avoid listing certifications that do not directly correlate to getting a role in medical device sales. For example, omit certifications such as "Google Adwords Certified". This certification is conducive to landing a role in marketing, not medical device sales.

Here are tips for acing this section:

  • Include certification name, certification issuer, and date(s) effective
  • Example certifications:
    • Certified EKG Technician
    • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Certified Phlebotomy Technician
    • Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician
    • Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse

3.6 Skills

Medical Device Sales Resume Skills

The skills section should be strictly sales or clinically focused. Provide a brief description of your competency in each skill. Here are several examples:

Sales Focused: Territory Forecasting, Inventory Management, Salesforce CRM, Contract Negotiation, Lead Generation, Surgical Case Coverage, Customer Acquisition, Prospecting, P&L Modeling

Clinically Focused: Phlebotomy - IV Therapy, Clinical Data Analysis, Catheterization, Wound Care, Cerner EMR



Implement the strategies above to significantly increase your chance of passing the recruiter resume screen. If you are interested in further improving your chances, take a look at our Medical Device Sales Resume Review to have your resume reviewed by a Current Representative. We are so confident in our process that we offer 50% money back if you don't get interviews.

For more resources on how to break into medical device sales, view our All-In Course or download our Company Guides.

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