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Medical Sales Resume Template To Get An Offer: [Word Download]

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This episode kicks off a medical device sales resume tear down where we look at a candidate's medical sales resume and totally reconstructing it from the ground up, section by section.

Our goal is to help this candidate land a role in medical device sales.  As medical sales career coaches, we get tremendous exposure to different candidates resumes. We track what's working for candidates and what's not working for candidates in the hiring process. We collect this data on a role and company basis. For example: if you are targeting a role at Stryker in Trauma, we can help you optimize your resume for that role.


Download The Medical Sales Resume Template Word Document

Additional Resources

Objective Section Template

The objective section provides the reader a summary as to why you are pursuing the role. It should include where you have been (eg: current role, past experience) and which role you plan to pursue. You should also use it to highlight your sales metrics or other quantifiable achievements early on in your resume.

Our students have found tremendous success using the following template. Fill in the blue sections with the numbers by substituting one of the phrases listed in the table:

Medical Device Resume Step 1 [Noun/Adjective/Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 2 [Current Role] with Medical Device Sales Resume 3 [Years of Experience] and an exceptional record Medical Device Sales Resume 4 [Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 5 [Action] in the Medical Device Sales Resume 6 [Industry] industry. Demonstrated success Medical Device Sales Resume 7 [Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 8 [Relationship] with customers while consistently Medical Device Sales Resume 9 [Activity] Medical Device Sales Resume 10 [Action] by Medical Device Sales Resume 11 [Multiple]. Seeking advancement to aMedical Device Sales Resume 12 [Role Vertical] device sales role to make a Medical Device Sales Resume 13 [Impact] while Medical Device Sales Resume 14 [Benefit to Company].


Medical Device Resume Step 1

Results driven
Growth oriented
Target driven
High performing

Medical Device Sales Resume 2

Sales Associate
Sales Representative
Marketing Associate
Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Medical Device Sales Resume 3

If <5, leave as text (eg: four)
If >5, use number form (eg: 7)

Medical Device Sales Resume 4


Medical Device Sales Resume 5

Profitable growth thru new business acquisition
Aggressive territory expansions resulting in multi-million dollar gains
Exceptional care to diverse patients in critical care

Medical Device Sales Resume 6

Consumer Products
Life Sciences

Medical Device Sales Resume 7


Medical Device Sales Resume 8

Strong relationships
Strategic partnerships

Medical Device Sales Resume 9


Medical Device Sales Resume 10

Revenue targets
Sales targets
EBITDA goals
Sales quota

 Medical Device Sales Resume 11


Medical Device Sales Resume 12

Copy from Job Description
Joint Replacement

Medical Device Sales Resume 13

Tangible impact on patients

Medical Device Sales Resume 14

Growing a territory
Advancing medical technology


Medical Sales Resume Tips

Tip #1: Keep it to one page

Your resume should be limited to a single page. It can be difficult to pack all of your accomplishments into a single document. Be sure that you are only including relevant experiences that would lend themselves well to a career in device sales.

Tip #2: Eliminate fancy formatting

Ensure that each word must be in the same font, we recommend New Times Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Eliminate any fancy formatting or styling from your resume. Medical device sales recruiters prefer a traditional resume.

Tip #3: Use six sections

Most successful medical device sales resumes follow this format: Personal Information, Objective, Education, Relevant Experience, Relevant Certifications, if applicable, and Skills.

Tip #4: Quantify

You live or die by your numbers in sales. A bullet point not backed by numbers does not convincingly persuade the resume reviewer to choose you over another candidate. Highlight revenue growth or sales volume over a certain period of time to make a high-impact.

For example, instead of:

  • Increased market share for [Product #1] and [Product #2] portfolio in South Carolina in 2021.

Transition to:

  • Increased market share by 12% YoY for [Product #1] and [Product #2] portfolio in South Carolina in 2021, placing in the top 10% in market share growth for the division.

Tip #5: Tie back to the role

Ensure that each piece of content included on your resume can be used as an argument to support your candidacy for a role in medical device sales. If you include a sentence but cannot substantiate why that particular skill or story would be beneficial for the recruiter or hiring manager to know in the context of the role, remove the sentence.

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