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Top 10 Orthopedic Medical Sales Companies and Compensation

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Top 10 Orthopedic Medical Sales Companies and Compensation

The orthopedics market accounts for the majority of the massive medical device market.

Orthopedics relates to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. Common specialties within the orthopedics device space include Trauma and Extremities, Craniomaxillofacial, Spine, Joint Reconstruction and Replacement, and Sports Medicine. 

Here is a more descriptive breakdown of how the orthopedics industry is segmented:

  • Trauma and Extremities: sells implants and products to treat bone fractures. Extremities are defined as arms and legs.
  • Craniomaxillofacial: sells implants and products encompassing the cranium, mandibular and maxillofacial skeleton.
  • Spine: sells implants and products to treat spine ailments spanning from the occiput to the pelvis.
  • Joint Reconstruction and Replacement: sells implants and products to help repair and restore the function of a joint, for example, knee, shoulder, hip.
  • Sports Medicine: sells implants and products to service the knee, shoulder, hip, and small joints. The injuries treated are primarily the result of sports-related injuries.

Leveraging the data made available by Orthopedic Design & Technology, we've charted out the top orthopedic sales companies by annual revenue: 

Table of Revenue By Device Company

Table in USD ($), Billions

Our team decided to take this a step further and compare the compensation of the sales representatives with these top orthopedic medical devices.

The average orthopedic sales representative with about 2-5 years of sales experience at Zimmer Biomet, for example, could land a lucrative gig bringing in $139,718 per year. The actual compensation is highly dependent on the specialty within orthopedics (eg: Craniomaxillofacial, Spine), location, accounts, and orthopedic products sold.

Total Sales Representation Compensation

Table in USD ($)

We also plotted the potential compensation growth from an entry-level sales position to a full medical device sales rep position. In some cases, the compensation triples.

Average Associate Sales Representative to Sales Representative Total Compensation Increase

Table in USD ($)


The orthopedics market is vast and continuing to grow as medical device technology advances. Main players such as Stryker, DePuy Synthes, and Zimmer Biomet continue to grow organically and through acquisition to maintain their dominance in the market. Mid-sized players, such as Integra LifeSciences, have seen tremendous growth as they expand their product lines.

This leaves the market ripe for opportunity for medical device professionals looking to break into orthopedic sales.

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Dana Salsbery
Dana Salsbery

November 14, 2023

Looking for sales rep for newly patented amazing air powered leg straightening brace, worlds best straightening device, comfortable too. 🍀

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